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Poly Ball Interactive Embroidery "Spark" Jacket

Poly Ball Interactive Embroidery "Spark" Jacket


Completely unique to Cimone, this white silk jacket has poly ball filled sleeves! 

The silk organza and polystyrene balls combine to create a static charge when shaken, creating an ever changing 'interactive embroidery' - the balls stick to the organza and move up and down the fabric wall as you walk - it will never look the same twice. 

Shake it for more charge, or not at all if you want the balls to pool at the bottom!

With extra large puff sleeves and a dropped shoulder line, this zip up casual jacket features an oversized hemline, which is kept under control by an internal drawstring tunnel, allowing you to wear it as big, or as gathered as you desire.

Fabricated here in an ivory organza, with orange bonded cotton, and black wool.

Our Spark jacket is worn here on and off of the catwalk, with our black Naomi bralette and red Violet trousers. 

For any questions on sizing and fit, please contact us:

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