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About us

Under the creative direction of Carli Pearson comes CIMONE, a new womenswear brand, launched in 2016.

CIMONE combines irreverence and playfulness with haute styling, traditional techniques and craftsmanship, creating timeless pieces to be coveted and cherished for years to come. Modern materials and innovative production methods reinvent the familiar. CIMONE is luxury with a youthful spirit.

For the first time, Pearson is able to bring her extensive work history (including positions at Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang, Pucci, and McQ at Alexander McQueen) and varied influences under one roof. Her vision for CIMONE is a self-assured, forward thinking brand underpinned with integrity, with the studio functioning like an atelier of yesteryear. In addition, Pearson’s own contradictory persona is able to play out in full – melding raw experimentation with a polished aesthetic.

CIMONE is based in London. We work exclusively with specialist professionals, hand crafting and developing each garment in house. Underlying each piece is a strong emphasis on finesse, where every detail is carefully considered. Each item has been lovingly nurtured throughout each stage of production, and no compromises are made to achieve the highest quality.

All items seen on the catwalk are available to order, if you cannot find the item you are looking for in our online store, do contact us: sales@cimone.co.uk All items with a value over £350 are eligible for a free fitting service from our London studio - when we sell direct, we are able to offer a fully customised service at an affordable price, bringing a tailor's fit to ready to wear.

For press enquiries and sample requests, contact press@cimone.co.uk.

During SS18, Cimone is taking a break from the catwalk to develop a new showcase form and seasonal structure for AW18 - we hope it is worth the wait! The new structure will help us, as a young and independent brand, to compete with established labels, and also to allow our particular bespoke attitude to design and customer experience to flourish. We hope you will follow along with us on the journey.

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Our Collections:

The first collection, Issue 1, saw a cacophony of exaggerated proportions and graphic lines thrown off kilter by rich brocades in unexpected shapes. Designs are refabricated and layered to be worn alone or ensemble. Glossy smoked rubber is twinned with textured canvassing, layered to resemble a photographic negative that highlights construction. Heavily worked embroidery is hand laced from laser cut leather with a nod to Samurai armour.

Our Issue 2 collection features die cut leafed and layered fabrics, whites and creams contrasted with bold block colours, embroidered paint splashes, voluminous cuffs and hemlines filled with static charged polystyrene beads, moving with the wearer to create unique interactive embellishment.

Issue 3 sees a return to signature exaggerated proportions and bold statement pieces. Symmetry and asymmetry collide in a discordant universe, taking inspiration from dystopian futuristic narratives and Brutalist lines.

Organic feminine forms are harnessed and framed by severe shoulder lines and structured shapes. Key pieces are realised in graduated tones, emulating industrial landscapes. The somber palette and sculpted contours are brought to life with eruptions of bright colour.

The body is cast in both familiar and unfamiliar silhouettes, vacillating between control and chaos, both restrictive and explosive. At every corner a sense of rebellion bubbles under the surface, waiting to erupt from the strictures of convention.

While both poised and elegant, a playfulness permeates each piece. Continuing with Cimone’s pride in hand craftsmanship, fabrics are manipulated and treated in experimental ways - heavy wools and classical weaves appear light and voluminous, while light fabrics are given structure and weight.