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CIMONE is an inclusive ready-to-wear brand, from Creative Director, Carli Pearson.

Carli studied for an MA in Fashion Womenswear at Central Saint Martins under the discerning eye of the infamous Louise Wilson, where they honed and refined a purist approach to design, whilst still exploring the boundaries of structure through silhouette.

Upon graduating, Pearson was offered a position with Stella McCartney, where they worked for the next seven years, climbing the ranks to Senior Designer.

Their next move was to New York to become Design Director at Alexander Wang, followed by Head of Show Collections at Pucci in Florence, before becoming Head of Womenswear at McQ Alexander McQueen. There, they were instrumental in bringing the very first McQ catwalk collection into fruition to critical acclaim.

Since then they have consulted for numerous brands, both nationally and internationally.

CIMONE was launched in 2016, where they were able for the first time to bring their extensive and eclectic work history together under one roof.

As a result, CIMONE is a truly unique melting pot of international influences and experiences – a combined vision of many different cultures and aesthetics.

CIMONE proudly had a full look featured in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s most visited exhibition in history “Heavenly Bodies Fashion and the Catholic Imagination" 



The vision for CIMONE is a self-assured, forward thinking brand underpinned with integrity.

At CIMONE we believe in the preservation of design and craftsmanship.

We aim to create pieces that are loved and cherished for years to come – pieces that can be passed on from generation to generation.

In a fast paced world, we want to encourage a slower approach. By investing in our pieces, you are investing in good design, thoroughly researched and developed, with exquisite attention to detail. These are not just clothes for now, but for all time. To buy everlasting.

We aim to inspire the love for a single piece; to admire it as a hollow sculpture. We believe that clothing can outgrow the confines of “adornments for the body”, instead hanging proudly as a pieces of art.

We see each and every customer as a museum curator; preserving the art of fashion - engaging with their CIMONE piece as an object of beauty.

With this ethos, and the collaboration of our customers, we hope to achieve sustainability thorough thoughtful, considered buying and investment. A CIMONE product for now, and for tomorrow.

With this in mind, we are rejecting the traditional seasonal structure. Products are instead released in ‘issues’, each consisting of a selection of new products, with the range varying in size, and available for ALL genders.



CIMONE was created to feel like a heritage brand, reawakened for a modern society.

Our studio functions and serves the customer like the atelier of yesteryear, working exclusively with specialist professionals, handcrafting and developing each garment in house. Underlying each piece is a strong emphasis on finesse, where every detail is carefully considered. Each item has been lovingly nurtured and considered throughout each stage of production, and no compromises are made to achieve the highest quality.

Combining irreverence with haute styling, traditional techniques and craftsmanship, we honourably merge the old with the new. Modern materials and innovative production methods reinvent the familiar melding raw experimentation with a polished aesthetic. Fabrics are manipulated and treated in experimental ways – all in house.

Above all CIMONE is luxury with a youthful spirit.