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The Cimone Vault

The Vault

We pride ourselves on creating high quality, covetous pieces that transcend seasonal boundaries; that stay "current" for many years to come. With this in mind, we have launched THE VAULT.

Here you will find a carefully curated collection of our (and your) favourite pieces from our past collections. After all, quality never goes out of fashion. 

All vault pieces are not only lovingly handmade to order, but can be made to measure, with our Bespoke service that we offer on all items over 500 pounds.

Each Vault garment is available in a refreshed selection of new fabrics, handpicked to complement our current issue designs, in a variety of weights to best serve the needs of our customers. Although the silhouette stays staple, the offering is constantly evolving.

At CIMONE, we understand that a fabric that suits an LA summer, doesn’t work in a Russian winter. If something catches your eye, we are happy to discuss your individual requirements.

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