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Wool/Plastic "Dick Tracy" Suit Jacket Ensemble

Wool/Plastic "Dick Tracy" Suit Jacket Ensemble


This, our oversized suit jacket, has a very large, wide, perfectly squared off shoulder.

The custom built interior pads help balance the body from the colossal gravity defying shoulder line of this jacket perfectly.
This double layer jacket is two pieces for the price as one!
The outer layer is in a smokey plastic, which is worn over the black wool counterpart, giving this formal jacket an edgy, high shine look.
The plastic top piece is a perfect replica of the jacket underneath, which is designed to give a positive/negative effect.

Offered here ensemble, in black wool, with a cream accent under lapel and collar, twinned with a smokey plastic overlay.

Also available in this listing in just plastic. (one piece)

Three buttons to close in the front, the Dick Tracy is fully lined inside to finish. 

PLEASE NOTE: due to the nature of the fabric, the colour and appearance may change with age.

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