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Wool/Plastic "Georgette" Coat Ensemble

Wool/Plastic "Georgette" Coat Ensemble


Our formal coat offering, has a slim fit through the body, and features a neat square shoulder. The custom built pads help balance the shape perfectly, from this very sharp shoulder line.
Cleverly concealed splits at the front of the coat, hidden beneath the seam, not only makes this piece an interesting twist on a modern formal coat, but also gives the wearer a freedom of movement which isn't usually possible with a slim fit silhouette of this nature.
To close are large oversized snaps at the front. The outer layer of this two piece is in smokey plastic, which is worn on top of the red wool counterpart, giving the red formal coat a more edgy, high shine look.
The plastic top piece is a perfect replica of the coat underneath, which is designed to give a positive/negative effect.

To compliment the clean nature, the Georgette is fully lined inside.

Offered ensemble in red wool, with a speckled red and black wool collar and facing, and smokey plastic overlay.

Also offered here singularly in Plastic (one piece ONLY)

PLEASE NOTE: due to the nature of the fabric, the colour and appearance may change with age.

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